How to protect upholstery from occasional spills

Purchasing good furniture is an important decision for your home decorations. But the toughest matter is to protect them from dirt and spills especially during the family get together. If you have pets and kids in your house then the chances will be doubled. Owners have to be very careful about the protection of their favorite upholstery. A little spill or stain can dull the look of your upholstery that can affect the whole room design.

Upholstery Cleaning Brisbane

Upholstery Cleaning Brisbane

Choose the right fabric or material that is not easily soiled or damaged. Avoid light color especially white fabric that has a high risk to be spoiled.  Man-made fiber is better than natural one in case of stain resistance and durability. They don’t easily hold the stain. There is newly arrival glossy product in the market, they are soft and beautiful and good for regular use. Leather furniture is always attractive and classy but they need special care. Beware of the scratches that can damage the great look of the leather. Use good cleaners and conditioners to maintain them properly. A stain guard is always the best option to protect your upholstery. Cover your furniture with a stained cover during the time of an occasion when the risk of getting stain is more.  Stain guard help to remove the stain easily, when it happens. Often you guests spill food or glass of red wine on a sofa, so cover them for such accidents. Tea, coffee, juice are the most common stains. Just remove the cover and the cushions are chairs are intact as it is.

Guests don’t come regularly to your home but you are dealing with furniture regularly, so change some of your habits. Try to avoid having foods and drinks on the sofa that are a common cause of stains. Try to stop your pets to curl on the cushion or couch or scratching the pillow. Remove pet hairs by using gloves.

In spite of these, you can’t stop the stain. Whenever you find a stain on the furniture don’t let it be set on them. Take a step as soon as possible to get rid of the damage. Use warm water or a cleaner or conditioner and clean the stain using s soft cloth piece and then dry the area with a hair dryer or by any other means. For oil based stain use special cleaner because oil can create more damage to your furniture. But when it comes to leather furniture you have to be careful about using the cleaning products.

Homeowners often neglect these steps and think that furniture will be fine without care, but this is the biggest mistake. You cant take the furniture granted. Without proper care and attention, their lifespan will short over the time. So always remember that upholstery needs attention as human beings otherwise they will be dull and dead. By following the above steps you can easily protect them from stains and spills and maintain their looks for the  lifetime.

Take the help of professionals

Upholstery Steam Cleaning Brisbane

Upholstery Steam Cleaning Brisbane

Leather upholstery cleaning can be a stressful task wasting a lot of time and energy. It is difficult to get rid of touch stains from leather. Even if it is possible to some extent, it can leave your leather upholstery looking faded and discolored. Hence, it becomes important to take the help of expert leather upholstery cleaners to retain the original texture and color of your valuables. Experts know exactly what is required to make the upholstery shine like new. They have experience and know how related to all kinds of cleaning services. Say good bye to stains and germs with their help. They are your one stop solution to make your upholstery neat and tidy.

If you are confused regarding who to rely upon, then we are here to help you. Sparkling Cleaning Services is a number one company in leather upholstery cleaning services. We make sure that the whole cleaning procedure takes place without causing much harm to the fabric or texture. We have a team of experts who have in depth knowledge about all kinds of leather upholstery cleaning. They make your upholstery stays in shape without any wear and tear for a long duration of time. Get in touch with us now and feel the difference our experts can make. They will give your leather upholstery items a brand new renovated look.

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