After Party Carpet Cleaning – Save Your Carpets From These Stubborn Stains

All excited about hosting a party in the home? Well, the joy of meeting and celebrating with your loved ones on a special occasion brings an unmatched, isn’t it? These gatherings make your home alive and give you some cherished and unforgettable memories. But, such gathering can become a pain for your carpets as well. During such meets, your carpets are one of the most susceptible things to get stained. Staples placed on your table like fruit juices, red wine, beer or maybe chocolate cake can give a tough time to your carpets if they accidentally spill. These spills can leave the toughest stains on your floor coverings that may take all of your efforts while cleaning. But worry not, we have brought you some of the best ways for carpet stain removal that can save you from having expensive carpet treatments.

After Party Carpet Cleaning

After Party Carpet Cleaning

Simple Hacks To Save Your Floor Covering From Tough Stains

Treating Red Wine Stains

Everyone loves red wine, it’s an inseparable part of any party menu. But red wine also makes stubborn stains. Red wine stain removal from carpet can be a challenging task but can be done with immediate treatments using some effective home remedies. For removing the stains from your carpet, follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Blot the excessive amount of red wine from the carpet using a paper towel. Keep blotting until no more wine comes off the carpet.
  • Once you have soaked the extra moisture from the carpet, cover the spoiled area with salt. The salt will absorb the stain from the carpet and turn pink in colour.
  • When you notice the salt has done its job, vacuum the area thoroughly to get rid of salt particles from the carpets.
  • Or alternatively, you can pour white wine over the red wine to neutralize the stain.

    Red wine stain removal from carpet

    Red wine stain removal from carpet

Treating Beer Stains

Also, beer can’t stay away when there is a party in the home. A party is incomplete without beer. But, what if it spills onto your carpet? That will be one of the most horrible moments for the homeowners. But worry not, these spills can also vanish if you treat them at the right time.

  • Absorb the excess amount of beer with the help a paper towel until no more beer comes off.
  • Afterwards, add one teaspoon of dishwashing liquid in lukewarm water combining with white vinegar.
  • Apply the prepared solution onto the stained area and blot the liquid with paper towel. Keep bloating the solution until the stain lightens.

Dealing with Coffee Stains

Some of your guests may prefer coffee over any other drink. But your carpets are still not safe. The carpets can still get stained by the accidental coffee spills. Worry not, we have brought you the right way to get rid of coffee stains off your carpets. Here is the procedure for coffee stain removal from carpet.

  • Dab the affected area of the carpet with a clean white cloth. (avoid using coloured cloth)
  • Prepare a cleaning solution including white vinegar, dishwashing liquid, and water.
  • Spray the cleaning solution on affected carpet area and blot it with a clean cloth.
  • Keep repeating the process until the stain is gone and you get the desired results.

Call Professionals For Your Best Help

These were the common stains that can occur onto your carpet during the party. But there could be many other stains that may take a place onto your carpets such as lipstick stain, wax stains, oil stains and more. All these stains need different cleaning methods that you may not know, but the professionals do. In case of such stubborn stains, hiring professionals carpet cleaning services can be your best decision. And we at Sparkling Cleaning Services know the best ways to make your carpets cleaned to perfection by restoring them to original condition. So, what are you are you waiting for? Call us today and get the best services for carpet cleaning Brisbane at incredibly amazing prices.  

Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

Professional Carpet Cleaning Service