Best methods of carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning methods vary from fabric to fabric. The difference in the cleaning methods owes to the difference in the cleaning methods. Hence, a method which is suitable for your drawing room carpet might not work so well for the one in your bedroom. Moreover, if we don’t use the perfect method for cleaning the carpet then it can harm our carpet fibers. While professional cleaning is always the best, doing some research on how to do it on your own is never a bad idea. This will also help you determine which methods works out the best for you.

Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

If you use the wrong method for cleaning carpet then the lifespan of the carpet can reduce significantly. Hence, you not only end up spending lots of money on the carpet but might also reach a stage where replacement is necessary.

Thus, it’s better to know about the different carpet cleaning methods. Here are some of the best carpet cleaning methods you can follow to give your carpets a new like look-

  1. Shampooing a Carpet

    This method is one of the least effective cleaning methods for any kind of carpets. In this shampooing process, you need to apply detergents directly to the carpet in the home and professional skilled cleaners, on the other hand, use the machine to clean the carpet. After that, you need to use a vacuum to remove the waste and make the carpet look good and very clean. All of these detergents solutions can make your carpet feel fresh and clean. But this method doesn’t clean the carpets in a hygienic way. Hence, if you just want to improve the look of your carpets, then this method is best. However, if you want to ensure hygiene as well, then it’s better to look out for some other options.

    Shampooing a Carpet Brisbane

    Shampooing a Carpet Brisbane

  2. Dry Carpet Cleaning

    Most of the people prefer the dry cleaning method as compared to other types.

    A special cleaning powder is used in this process which is sprinkled all over the carpet completely and it will immediately drag out the dust and dirt particles from the carpet. After that, the carpet is vacuumed to put for drying. The results are clean, brand new carpets. Some carpet cleaning companies made slight changes in this method by using an oxygenated cleanser. The oxygenated cleanser will clean the dust and dirt particles very effectively from the base of the carpet.

  3. Foam Carpet Cleaning

    Foam carpet cleaning is one of the best methods. It is a blend up of both shampoo method and dry cleaning method. In this process they use foam solution and some water is applied while cleaning the carpet. This foam solution will attract the dust and dirt particles in the fiber. After that, vacuum makes the carpet dry. Hence, this method is best to clean with the dual action of both foam and vacuum as well.

  4. Steam Carpet Cleaning

    Carpet Steam Cleaning Brisbane

    Carpet Steam Cleaning Brisbane

    Steam carpet cleaning is well known to everyone for carpet cleaning, but this method has few disadvantages too.

    • It requires a lot of water.
    • When carpet soaked into water very deeply, it can incur damage and you replacement becomes necessary.

    When done in a correct manner, steam carpet cleaning method will be effective. This method is also known as hot water extraction. When professionals do it, they use very powerful machinery to clean the carpet. At first, the carpet is deeply soaked into hot water and with a cleansing solution. Then the machine starts attracting the dust and dirt particles by using the cleansing solution.

  5. Bonnet Carpet Cleaning

    Mostly this method is useful for the carpets which are in commercial buildings. This method is not for effective cleaning purpose, it is just for making carpet looking good and clean. Basically, in commercial buildings, the huge busy traffic makes dust and dirt particles to lay under the surface of the carpet. Application of high chemical detergent and cleaning the carpet with a rotary machine is the benchmark of this method.

    Bonnet Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

    Bonnet Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

Now it is clear after reading the above information, that the all carpet cleaning methods are different. Hence, picking up the right method is extremely important for significant results.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

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