Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast

Sparkling Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast specialise in professional carpet steam cleaning, carpet shampooing and carpet stain removal services in Gold Coast area. Our carpet steam cleaning procedures are equipped with the most advanced water extraction machinery. We deliver to our customer the best and professional cleaning services at affordable prices and satisfaction. Call now at 0410 453 896 to hire Sparkling carpet Steam or Dry Cleaning in Gold Coast.

Steam Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast

If you want carpet cleaning quality in affordable price with a team of professional cleaners in Gold Coast, you can fully reply on Sparkling Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast. We are a team of highly professional and certified cleaners to provide highest quality of work in order to satisfy our customers and meet their requirements. We can bring new life to your carpet, chairs, rugs, sofas ,laze boys and mattresses in very reasonable price with quality cleaning.

  1. Professional carpet cleaning service from start to finish.
  2. Eco-friendly procedure no harsh chemicals
  3. Remove allergen & bacteria from under the layers of your home carpet
  4. Hot water extraction & Stain Removal carpet cleaning
  5. Same Day Short notice availability
  6. Carpet Stain-protection using Scotchgard stain protection
  7. Budget prices

Professional Carpet Steam or Dry Cleaning Services for Sparkling Results Anywhere in Gold Coast

Need Carpet Steam Cleaning Gold Coast? Sparkling Cleaning Services can be your best bet. How? With us, you can get complete carpet cleaning services. The services offered by our professional include carpet dry cleaning, carpet steam cleaning, Carpet Stain Removal, carpet sanitization, carpet mold restoration, flood damage restoration and more. We also offer the same day carpet cleaning facility. Call 0410 453 896 and get your carpets cleaned by the specialists today!!!

Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast

Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast

  1. Local Carpet Steam Cleaning Company
  2. Professional Carpet Cleaners
  3. Non-Toxic Organic Carpet Cleaning Chemicals
  4. Refresh the new look of your carpet floor
  5. Carpet Stain & Spot Removal
  6. Same Day Service
  7. Family owned Australian Business

How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost in Gold Coast?

Carpet Steam Cleaning Gold Coast Standard Price 15% Discount Carpet Cleaning ✨
Single Bedroom / Study / Office $33* $28*
Double Bedroom $66* $56*
Living Room (upto 25sqm) $77* $65*
Hallway (up to 10 sqm) $40* $34*
Carpet Landing $35* $29*
Family Carpet Cleaning $35* $29
Staircase (per stair) $5* $4.25*
Carpet Stain Protection $35* $29*

*Terms & Conditions may apply.

Why is Professional Carpet Cleaning Important?

Every day we welcome unwanted guests into our house: car exhaust, germs, chemicals, cigarette smoke, tarmac, tar, stain, bacteria, dust etc. All of this gets accumulated in your home carpets

  • Add significant value to your home
  • Major health benefits by steam cleaning the carpets
  • Enhanced the Ambiance of your home
  • Dust Mite Removal from your carpets
  • Carpet Odour Removal helps to improve the home ambience
  • Human skin removal from carpet save your family from respiration problems
  • Pet hair Removal

As the main feature of your home or office decor, your carpet says about you a lot. Carpet protects your indoor quality. It traps dust and allergy particles.
Getting your carpets cleaned by professionals on a regular basis eliminates all contaminants out of your carpet and enhances the quality of your indoor air. Our team at Sparkling Cleaning Services Gold Coast is experienced in getting rid your carpets of dirt, allergens, and other contaminants and thereby improving your family’s health.

Carpet Cleaning Services Gold Coast

Carpet Cleaning Services Gold Coast

What are the Best Carpet Cleaning Methods?

With a lot of contamination, dirt, and presence of various bacteria, fungi, and allergens, your carpets demand the deep cleaning. Regular vacuuming cleans the upper surface of your carpet which only extracts the loose dirt particles, but it does not affect the stains and allergens settled in the inner layers of carpet. And for deep cleaning, the effective methods are Carpet Steam cleaning and Carpet Dry Cleaning.

Carpet Steam Cleaning Gold Coast

Carpet Steam Cleaning Gold Coast

This is the method of cleaning the carpets thoroughly using “Hot Water Extraction”. This method includes insertion of steam and cleaning solutions into the carpet fibres and then extraction of the steam along with all the impurities present in the carpet. Carpet cleaning is way more than vacuuming, they also need deep cleaning for the removal of old stains and dirt buildup and making them clean and sanitised.

Carpet Dry Cleaning Gold Coast

Carpet Dry Cleaning Gold Coast

This procedure includes cleaning the carpets deeply by using dry cleaning solvent onto the carpets. The cleaning solvents are combined with a little amount of water, which further works to break down dirt and contaminants in the carpet. Then the carpet is vacuumed to remove the residue. This method is a great alternative to carpet steam cleaning. This method is mostly used to treat water-based stains.

Carpet Stain Removal Gold Coast

Carpet Stain Removal Gold Coast

Carpet stain removal is one of the most arduous tasks, that may eat up your entire day and efforts. Also, trying DIY for carpet stain removal may not deliver you the desired results as the professional cleaning. Due to lack of knowledge and expertise, you may end in ruining your carpet fibre. Thus, it is important you take professionals to help when you are not sure what treatment to use on your carpets. So, do not put your carpets in trouble, instead hire Sparkling Cleaners for top-notch carpet stain removal, Gold Coast.

Carpet Mould Removal Gold Coast

Carpet Mould Removal Gold Coast

Mould on the carpets is a dangerous situation, which should not be taken lightly by the homeowners. Mould is a fungus that grows on your carpet during the humid environment and causes risky conditions for your health. And if you want your family members and loved ones to be safe from the harmful effects of mould, it is better you treat it as soon as it appears. Also, it is never advised to treat the mould growth on your own as the direct and close exposure to it can make you ill.

Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast

Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast

Hot water extraction is one of the widely used and proven methods to bring your carpets to the original condition as new. Our cleaning team at Sparkling offers the top-notch services for hot water extraction, where we insert the cleaning solution and hot water deep into the carpet fibre. Then we extract the cleaning solution and water with the help of hot water extractor, which also pulls the dirt, stains and contaminants along. Hire us today and amazing services for carpet cleaning Gold Coast at the most exciting prices.

Pet Stain and Odour Removal From Carpet

Pet Stain and Odour Removal From Carpet

The team of carpet cleaners know the best ways to clean your carpets to the perfection by making them rid of any kind of dirt and debris. And if you have pets in the home, you might need professional carpet cleaning services on regular basis. You may try certain DIY for the pet stain and odour removal from the carpet but in most cases, the treatment remains ineffective. Hence, the only solutions homeowners left with is hiring the professional carpet cleaners, which is always the right solution. And our cleaners do the job of removing pet stain and odour to the excellence.

Coffee Stain Removal from Carpet in Gold Coast

Coffee Stain Removal from Carpet

Coffee Stains fall under the stubborn stain category, that demand extra efforts and hard work. If you decide to remove the stain on your own at home, you may or may not succeed completely. By any chance, if you managed to remove the stain, getting rid of the sour smell is impossible. So, why do any hassle when you anyway have to take the help. Calling the professionals for such a tough stain removal from your carpets is always a good idea. Call Sparkling cleaners today and get rid of such stubborn stains from your carpets completely.

Juice Stain Removal From The Carpet

Juice Stains fall under the stubborn stain category, that demand extra efforts and hard work for their removal. If you decide to remove the stain on your own at home, you may or may not succeed completely. Anyway, if you will manage to remove the stain, getting rid of the juice sour smell is impossible. So, need not face any hassle when you have to take the professionals help. Calling the professionals for such a rough and stubborn stain removal from your carpets is always a good idea. Call Sparkling Cleaning services and get the best services from us. We are available 24*7 hours to remove all types of stains.

Carpet Sanitisation Gold Coast

Carpets tend to harbour dangerous germs and pathogens and with time this can greatly affect your health and the health of your loved ones. Carpet sanitisation is a service that will remove all the germs and pathogens from the carpet. Sparkling Cleaning Services can deliver perfect carpet sanitisation service for you in Gold coast. Our professional carpet cleaners use the best commercial products to treat the germs and pathogens. We make sure all the germs and pathogens are terminated and carpets are perfectly sanitised. Hire our professional carpet sanitisation service at affordable costs today.

Carpet Shampooing Gold Coast

Carpets can accumulate a lot of dirt, dust and mud with time. Dirty and unclean carpets can harbour harmful bacteria, gerainms and pathogens. Carpet shampooing is the common carpet cleaning service that we deliver anywhere in Goldcoast. We use the best available shampoos and detergents to wash and clean your carpets effectively. Our professional carpet cleaners are equipped with the latest tools and equipment. We follow no compromise policy in the quality of service we provide. Avail our carpet shampooing service today and get your carpets clean and fresh again in no time. Hire Sparkling cleaning services today and get our carpet Shampooing Service at affordable costs.

Blood Stain Removal Gold Coast

One of the stubborn stains on the carpets includes blood stains. Accidents can happen anytime. You might meet with an injury and happened to cross the carpets while leaving the blood stains on it. Having belonged to a stubborn stain category, Carpet Blood Stain Removal mat eat up most of your efforts. However, in case you are able to treat the fresh blood stains, you may prevent the situations from getting worse. But in case, the stains are dried and you are not able to get rid of them you may need professionals for the same. And the professionals of Sparkling Cleaning Services, use high-quality cleaning solutions and their best techniques to save your floor covering from deterioration.

Carpet Sanitisation Gold Coast

Carpet not only accumulate dirt and dust but can also harbour dangerous germs and pathogens. The bacteria and pathogens present in the carpet can affect your health as well as the health of your family. We at Sparkling Cleaning Services can provide you with carpet sanitisation service at affordable costs. We use natural and green products to treat the germs in the carpet and remove them We also deliver a deep and thorough cleaning to further sanitise and sterile the carpet. Hire Sparkling Cleaning Services for the best carpet sanitisations service in Gold Coast today.

Carpet Red Wine Stain Removal Gold Coast

When you were all set to enjoy your evening with loved ones and friends, wine spillage on your expensive could ruin the entire mood. But why worry, when you can get rid of the stain from the carpet completely, that too without ruining its fibres. Sparkling Cleaning Team covers the entire range of carpet cleaning Gold Coast including stubborn stain removal and carpet red wine stain removal is one such service. With the help of eco-friendly carpet stain removal solutions and equipment, we carry out the best results. When it comes to customer satisfaction, we go miles extra.

Carpet Red Wine Stain Removal Gold Coast

Carpet Red Wine Stain Removal Gold Coast

Our Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast Services

Sparkling Cleaning Services Gold Coast works with a motive to keep your carpets as good as new – always. With our exclusive range of complete carpet care solutions, you can practically say bye to unwanted germs, contaminants, those ugly stains, bad odours, and a dull look of your carpets. Available 24 X 7 for emergency Flood Damage Restoration.

Carpet Sanitization

Carpet Sanitization

Studies reveal that keeping your carpets in good shape can have a positive impact on your health and fitness. Sparkling Cleaning Services provides you a single platform where you can get all kinds of Carpet Deep Cleaning services under one roof.

  1. Carpet dry cleaning
  2. Water damage restoration
  3. Carpet stain removal
  4. Commercial carpet cleaning
  5. Domestic carpet cleaning
  6. Carpet sanitising
  7. Carpet restoration
  8. Pet Hair Removal from Carpet
  9. Carpet fire and smoke restoration
  10. Carpet mold restoration
  11. Pet Odour Removal
  12. Carpet fire and smoke restoration
  13. Coffee or Tea Carpet Stains Removal
  14. Same Day Carpet Cleaning Service
  15. Emergency Carpet Steam Cleaning Services
Professional Carpet Cleaners Gold Coast

Professional Carpet Cleaners Gold Coast

Call the experts from Sparkling Cleaning Services Gold Coast and save yourself from replacing your old carpets! Sparkling Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast offers a wide discount on Carpet Cleaning. Hurry Up!!! Offer for Limited Time Period.

Our Carpet Steam Cleaning Process

At Sparkling Cleaning Services we take our job seriously our carpet cleaning process is as follows:

  • Inspects the carpet to be cleaned-locating and identifying any soil, stains, and odors.
  • Remove dust and dry particles.
  • Our team carefully moves required furniture to make space for carpet cleaning.
  • Our team cleans the required areas using our gentle hot water extraction method.
  • Deodorizing & sanitization Services
  • Eco-Friendly Chemicals
  • Final inspection to ensure we have met your carpet cleaning expectations.

Our Experience in Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast

We are a team of local accredited, experienced and trained Carpet Cleaners!!! Sparkling Cleaning Services is a local carpet cleaning company based in Gold Coast offering services for about 16 years. Offering an excellence in whatever we do, we always deliver great results. We do not compromise on the quality of the job to save time. And our guaranteed services ensure that you get full value for your money. If we don’t please you the first time, we will be obliged to do a re-cleaning of your carpets at no additional cost.
Keep your carpets soft, smelling fresh and looking brand new by calling Sparkling Cleaning Services Gold Coast today at Call @ 0410 453 896

Our Carpet Cleaning Van

Truck Mounted Unit is what provides you with a high-quality result and a proper steam clean. Portable Units are not as powerful, they provide poor quality results and leave the carpet wet!

Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

Why Choose Sparkling Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast?

  1. Our first priority is customer satisfaction.
  2. First on-site carpet cleaners in the Gold Coast for all suburbs.
  3. No any hidden charges.
  4. Trained and professional team for carpet cleaning services.
  5. Uses environment friendly products those are not harmful for kids or pets.
  6. Offer 24 X 7 hour service.
  7. Same day and emergency cleaning services.
  8. Trained and professional team for carpet cleaning services.
  9. We use environment-friendly products those are not harmful to kids or pets.
  10. Quick carpet drying serviceability
  11. to clean all kind of surfaces made from different fabric and materials
  12. We are fully insured, equipped and fully experience. We guaranteed all our jobs.

Location: Gold Coast, QLD, Australia

What our customers say about our carpet cleaning services in Queensland?

Immidiatly respond

I had owned a 4 coffee shop, usual problem arrived was cleaning of carpet mats due to dirt, coffee spillage, etc.., though it is a periodic problem I usually will send only a voice mail to the Sparkling Cleaning Services team, they immediately respond and sorted out without any delay.”
- Corey Bonnie

Amazing service

The team was very punctual, professional and pleasant from this Sparkling Cleaning Services company. They did an amazing seamless clean on my badly dirty. They saved me the cost of replacing the carpet. I highly recommend to everyone for these good services.
- Daniel Emma

Cleaned & revitalized poor quality carpet!!!

We have a terrible quality carpet however Sparkling Cleaning Services has managed to clean and revitalize it beyond our expectation. The service was seamless and efficient.
- William

Quality work is the best

Cleaning of carpet includes many things which when taken care makes the company best. These contains worker’s experience, equipment and etc. All these things are taken care by Sparkling Cleaning Services and makes it the most recommended carpet cleaning company.
- Kidman

Give a fresh look to your carpets

My carpet in a bedroom is very soft and nice. So I always try to keep it neat and clean. But it is not always possible. So I always prefer to call this carpet cleaning company because they are quite efficient in delivering their duty and reliable at the same time.
- Charlie Gemma

Trustful Company

Took service for Bedbugs, I can tell they r the best professionals. Did a very hard job and cleared bed bugs they have senior experienced operators. really Trustful company. I appreciate the Sparkling Cleaning Services the teamwork. highly recommended to everyone.
- Eyr

Perfect pricing

I have always been a person who would not spend a single penny if it was not important. Now I decide to go for my condo carpet cleaning. After calling few of them who seemed to be frustrated by the way I negotiated, I finally called Sparkling Cleaning Services who were able to quote the best price with a smile. I hired them and as usual saved some money.
- Minogue

Avail green carpet cleaning service with Sparkling Cleaning Services Company

I was always aspiring to adopt the service of green carpet cleaning. It really made me astonished. This type of cleaning the carpets is quite goods for pets. I would like to avail this service again in future.
- Eric Bana

Other carpet companies should learn from Sparkling Cleaning Services

Professional carpet cleaning is popular nowadays as it provides us with a lot of convenience. However, I have only received the desired result from Sparkling Cleaning Services. This is because it gave my carpet back in its optimum condition. Also, there was no delay by them in the carpet cleaning.
- Chau

Effective Online Services by Experts

The Sparkling Cleaning Services has their own website and they allow the people to hire the experts for carpet cleaning and they call by their own and confirm the cleaning schedule.
- Criss

Arrived to Clean Carpets in Short Notice

I provided SK Cleaning Services very short notice period and they were at my place to help me by providing carpet cleaning strategies in just small interval of time.
- Simon

Very Professional

The team of Sparkling Cleaning Services is very professional. They cleaned my old carpet outstandingly and gave it a new and pristine look. It really moved me. Before hiring Sparkling Cleaning Services I used some other carpet cleaning company who failed to deliver a satisfactory result. But I am very happy to choose this company. I will only call Sparkling Cleaning Services whenever I want to get my carpets cleaned. You can trust company services with your closed. Thanks, team for your wonderful service.
- Hayley

Frequently Asked Questions on Carpet Cleaning Gold Coast:

Is the carpet shampoo cleaning method safe?

Shampoo in carpet cleaning must be used adequately otherwise the carpet will become soapy. Using shampoo on the carpet is completely safe as currently available shampoos in the market are gentle and safe on carpets. Moreover, manufacturers also recommend the shampooing process for carpet cleaning.