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carpet cleaning hobart

Carpet Cleaning Hobart

Welcome To Sparkling Cleaning Services Trusted Carpet Cleaning Company Hobart

Sparkling Cleaning Services is the number one cleaning agency in Hobart with more than a dozen franchisees throughout the district offering an extensive range of professional carpet cleaning Hobart. Professionalism, integrity, and quality of service are what defines our company. It is what makes us the first preference of every carpet owner in Hobart.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Hobart

Our wide range of carpet-related services includes stain removal, mould removal, and water damage restoration. We primarily use two methods of carpet cleaning: dry carpet cleaning and steam carpet cleaning. They are both highly popular in Hobart for their effectiveness in removing debris and stains from carpet floors.

Fast Carpet Drying Hobart

We offer professional dry carpet cleaning Hobart services for those people who want a quick fix for their soiled or stained carpeting. This process is very popular among our clients in Hobart as it uses an almost negligible amount of water. Even though cleaning solutions are used in the deeply affected area, they get dried off quickly with our industrial-grade vacuum cleaners. Sparkling Cleaning Services has trained and verified technicians will exercise personal care and complete professionalism while working in your homes and offices. All our personnel goes through a strict background check to ensure the safety of your family and your property. They also have a certificate of practice from the IICRC.

Fast Carpet Drying Hobart

Our dry carpet cleaning process is implemented using only the latest tools and equipment. We strive to meet the highest standards for all carpet cleaning Hobart services. To protect both your carpet and the environment, we use natural chemical solutions which don’t damage the fibers of your carpet flooring.

With our distinct dry cleaning method, your carpets will shine like new and regain their natural luster in no time at all. You will be able to use them as soon as we are finished, you won’t need to wait even for a minute. Our experts will generate a fresher atmosphere for all your family and friends in Hobart.

You can refer to hundreds of customer testimonials who are satisfied with our dry carpet cleaning method in Hobart.

Best Steam Carpet Cleaning Hobart

Carpet Steam Cleaning Hobart

Steam carpet cleaning is a great way to thoroughly clean carpeting from time to time in Hobart. When coupled with high-powered vacuuming, steam cleaning is the best method to keep carpets fresh and lively for a long time.

While both steam cleaning and dry cleaning offer pretty much the same results, they differ in the amount of water used and the time required to dry it off after treatment. Steam carpet cleaning requires greater effort in drying the carpets quickly before they begin to develop mould. On the other hand, dry carpet cleaning uses very little moisture and does not run the risk of mould damage in padding.

Steam carpet cleaning also called the hot water extraction method, gives carpeting an overall in-depth cleanse. It involves shooting a jet of hot water through the surface to eliminate microbial germs and loosen up dirt particles. It also removes water spots and spill stains. This method is especially useful for those carpets in Hobart that are kept in high-traffic sites like business reception, living room, and hallways. Steam cleaning works wonders in dealing with a high level of wear and tear.

Get Professional Carpet Cleaning in Hobart

Sparkling Cleaning Services offers quick, efficient, and affordable professional carpet cleaning services in Hobart. Our experts are trained to handle any carpet-related problem with expert precision using dry cleaning and steam cleaning techniques. You can rely on our technicians to bring back the original luster on your carpet floor any time you want. Our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to offer you the convenience of time.

Same Day Carpet Cleaners

Call us today at 0488 853 006 to book an appointment and get a free quote for our carpet cleaning Hobart services. You can also get in touch with our experts by filling out the small contact form on the right side of your screen. Our team will get back to you in no time at all.


What is your carpet cleaning experience?

We are in the carpet cleaning industry for more than 23 years and known for our professional eminent skill. We are capable of removing all types of dirt and stains from the carpet. The services from us are given only by the professionals who are certified for giving the service. So when you will have the service from us, that will be of a high standard proving our worth and experience in this service.

Is it possible to clean carpets too often?

Yes, it is possible to clean the carpet too often. If not all the carpet area then at least those receiving high traffic. It will be helpful in maintaining the cleanliness as well as increasing the lifespan of the carpet.

Will hot water extraction damage my carpet?

NO, it will not damage your carpet. In fact, it is the most preferred method for carpet cleaning. If the cleaning will be done as professionals do, then there will be no risk at all.

Can carpet cleaning remove pet stains?

yes, professional carpet services can you make your carpets cleaned and free from any kinds of stains including pet stains. Our professionals use high-end solutions and advanced skills to make your floor coverings as clean as new. Once, the cleaning is done, we also deodorise your carpets.

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Helpful Customers Reviews

Professional carpet look

I contacted the Sparkling Cleaning Services company to clean a carpet as one of the kids had made a mess, they sent someone out straight away, he was so friendly and professional and paid attention to every detail. Will definitely be using them again my carpet looks and smells better than ever. Thank you!
- Joe Rose

Best performance

my son was playing at home and dropped ink on my carpet. I am very worried. first, of this, I washed the carpet at home. but in vain. then I decided to call this company. the Sparkling Cleaning Services team came and clean my carpet. they look like a new brand. thank you for the team.
- Jake Sophie

Very efficient and competitively priced

Sparkling Cleaning Services provided a great service, very efficient and competitively priced. the team was great to deal with and definitely would recommend Sparkling Cleaning Services. Team behavior is very polite and honest.
- justin Steph

Carpet Dust-Mite Removal

I was not aware of the fact that even bacteria and dust mites could be present in my carpet. When I heard about Sparkling Cleaning Services I thought of giving it a try and asked them what it was. After a detailed explanation, I realized that getting my carpets treated for dust-mite removal was necessary and I used their services. They did a fine cleaning job on my carpets. I am more than satisfied with their work. Their service and the pricing both are of unbeatable quality.
- Joshua

Superb experience with this company

Carpet cleaning by Sparkling Cleaning Services is one of the specialty of my city. Their wash is so amazing that any type of carpet can be cleaned with ease by their advanced equipment as well as amazing professionals. They are the best and are the top recommendation for carpet cleaning.
- Max Katie

The team came on time

I can’t speak highly enough of Sparkling Cleaning Services and his team. They cleaned my carpet spotless and on time. I even had compliments from my old landlord about how clean the carpet was. The Team was so prompt and good about their time and mine. I appreciate all of the work they did. Would definitely recommend them to others!
- Cateb