DIY Grout Recoloring: Restore The Original Beauty Of Your Tiles

If you have installed tiles in your home, then chances are high that with time, the grout color has faded out and has diminished the overall beauty and effect of the floor.

However, if it is only because of the grout coloring, then believe us, you can restore the beauty again.

Although it is wise to hire a tile cleaning and regrouting company to get the task done, you can also do it all by yourself by spending a few dollars at the tools required.

So, let’s dig straight into the process of recoloring the grout by yourself.

DIY Grout Recoloring

Diy Grout Recoloring Brisbane

Diy Grout Recoloring Brisbane

Things You Will Need

  • Adhesive remover
  • Grout color
  • A hard brush
  • Broom or air-blower
  • Mop
  • Paint brush

Now, once you have a list of things that you would need, let’s try our hands on the main action, which is coloring the grout.

  • Step 1Examine whether the grouts are clean. If not, use a broom or air blower to clean them perfectly. This is an important step as it ensures that the color will be in place for years.
  • Step 2Check for any sealant residue on grout. Any residue of the previous sealant can prevent the new color to settle. So, make sure that the grouts are clean and free from the sealant.You can use the sealant or adhesive remover for this. Just follow the exact procedure prescribed on the pack of sealant remover to remove the sealant effectively.
  • Step 3Once you have cleaned and removed sealant from the grout, use a brush with hard bristles to clean the accumulated dirt and grime from the grout. There are several grout-cleaners available in the market that you can rely on for a perfectly cleaned grout.

    Professional Grout Recoloring Services Brisbane

    Professional Grout Recoloring Services Brisbane

  • Step 4Now, this is where the proper coloring starts. Choose a color of your choice that enhances the grout’s beauty and will last for a longer period. There are numerous colors available in the market, so you can choose a good one according to the budget and other preferences.Take a small amount of grout color in a cup or a tray and slowly apply a thick coat of color on grout with the help of a fine paint brush. Make sure that the paint is not accidentally applied to the tiles. If it does, clan the color with a damp cloth before the color dries up.
  • Step 5Once the color dries, ensure that you are getting the desired intensity of the color and if necessary, make another thin coat of color.Now you need to wait until the group is completely cured. Once it is done, you can have a perfectly colored grout and a flawless flooring that is great to look at.The most important things while planning to recolor the grout are patience and choosing the right products. Make sure that the products you are choosing are reliable and provide good results.