How to Clean Pool Tile With Vinegar

Pools tiles become very dirty with regular usage and there are a lot of stains, the calcium deposits and other types of particles are found on it.

There are many homeowners who ignore the pool tile cleaning job which causes some serious allergens to the users. The good thing is you can use natural solution i.e., vinegar and clean the tiles effectively. These types of homely methods not only make the pool tiles free from all types of bacteria but also remove the toughs stains.

Using harmful chemicals while cleaning tiles may not be safe to both humans and pets. The experts suggest using natural solutions like vinegar to clean the tiles. Many pool owners have no idea how to make use of this solution to clean the tiles but to your surprise, it is not a big task and delivers the best result when applied the right method. So let us now go through the procedure.

Tile With Vinegar Cleaning Services

The Method for Cleaning The Pool Tiles With Vinegar

  • Step 1: Take Out The Water –

    To clean the pool tiles, the first thing you have to do is take out all the water from the pool. Make sure there is not even a single drop left on the pool tiles. It is also important to remove all the dirty things out of the pool. Make the place completely empty so that you can clean the tiles properly.

  • Step 2: Make The Solution –

    In the next step, you have got to make the cleaning solution. Take a spray bottle and add an equal amount of vinegar and water into it. Mix the solution well. It is easy to get the vinegar as it is available in almost all the kitchen and barthroom tile cleaning tips and can also be bought from any store. Make sure you are taking enough vinegar and water in the spray bottle.

  • Step 3: Spay and Scrub –

    After making the solution, take the bottle and directly spray on the tiles. Get a brush that has good teeth and later scrub the teils properly. Use the right method and start from the top later move to the end. Keep repeating the procedure and clean all the ties which are stained. The vinegar works best on the stains and removes them effectively.

  • Step 4: Rinse The Tiles Using a Freshwater –

    To remove the vinegar solution from the tiles, it is important that you rinse it with fresh water. Make sure all the solution is removed from your pool tiles. You can use cloth too to remove the excess amount of the solution from the tiles.

  • Step 5: Let The Tiles Get Some Fresh Air –

    In the end, let your tiles dry and get some fresh air. Do not fill the pool with water until the tiles are dried. Let it dry for a few hours. Moreover, drying will remove all the bad odor present on your pool tiles and give it a fresh look.

    Tile Cleaning Services

    Tile Cleaning Services

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