How to Clean Resin or Tar Stains from Carpets?

Dealing with resin and tar stains on carpet is one of the hardest tasks as a cleaner you are likely to be faced with. Resins like ink stains are hard to get rid of on a light-colored plush high-density pile carpets. The good thing about stains that you can remove them by using detergents in your kitchen as carpet stain treatments or buy them from your local supermarket. Using the correct method, the work is easy and it does not need much time. However, sometimes you will face tough stains that are hard to get rid of. In such a case, you are required to find a professional carpet cleaner to help you solve the problem. 

Though professionals mostly do this activity, there are some key tips to note that can help you save your money from the repair services. 

Carpet Stain Treatments
Carpet Stain Treatments

Ways of Removing Stains from Carpets

There are two main ways of carpet resin stain removal,

  • Dry cleaning
  • Steam cleaning 

The good thing about the two methods is that they work best on most types of carpets. However, choose your best method according to your manufacturer’s guide.

Dry Cleaning

Just as the name suggests, this method involves cleaning the carpet without necessarily having to make the carpet wet. You will find different professionals who use different methods to dry clean your carpet. Some of them will use a unique type of foam that does not wet the carpet, but sticks on the stain and dirt particles. You are supposed to leave the foam for some minute’s then vacuum that is wet rather than the foam. You will find some using compounds like wet sawdust rather than the foam. The main objective of whichever the method you choose is making sure the stains are extracted from the carpet. You can find some using specific machines to perform the work. 

Why Chose Dry Cleaning your Carpet?

Steam Cleaning 

This is the best method to remove stains from your carpet. In this, you will use specific equipment to rinse your home carpet with hot water (150 degrees). The heated water is forced into the carpet fibers then drained out. The process, every stain, leaves germ, fungus, dirt, and the carpet as clean as possible. 

Although this method is expensive. Most manufacturers recommend it as the best carpet cleaning method. 

Carpet Steam Cleaning
Carpet Steam Cleaning

Benefits of Steam Cleaning your Carpet

  • The major advantage of this method of cleaning a carpet is that it lengthens the life of the carpet. 
  • Steam cleaning your carpet ensures a healthy home environment. The dust particles in your carpet can lead to respiratory issues if inhaled. This method ensures no dirt on the carpet. 
  • This method ensures all dirt and bacteria are removed from the carpet. Although most cleaners prefer vacuuming than involving professional carpet cleaners, vacuuming only removes the dust particles found on top of the carpet, this means dirt in the carpet fibers will stay there until you hire experienced carpet cleaners.
  • It helps in removing tough stains on the carpet. Professional carpet cleaners use their various cleaning methods to remove any kind of stains on the carpet. 
  • Aids in reducing traffic effects lane. Carpet areas that experience high traffic tend to wear out faster compared to areas with less traffic like under the furniture. This is because this area traps more dust. The advantage of steaming is that it removes the dust thus ensuring carpet uniformity. 
  • Carpet steaming promotes beauty in a home. As you all know, carpets promote beauty in a home. If your carpet is in good condition, it will mean that your home will have an attractive looking. 

Professional Carpet Cleaners

To ensure that your carpet is always in good condition, ensure that you involve professional Carpet Cleaning in Adelaide. This activity should be done at least once per year. It will also help your carpet to stay for long.

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