How to Clean Silk Carpets?

Silk carpet has unique shine, soft texture and glimmer that are not artificial but natural. It is composed of protein called fibroin and is surprisingly strong. It can even compete with steel yarn. Silk fibres are not highly elastic. They are easily affected by the heat, strong chemicals and sometimes by water also. These carpets are very expensive so maintenance and regular cleaning is required to keep their grace alive. Here we discuss some tips to clean the silk carpets.

Silk Carpet Cleaning Services

Methods to Clean The Silk Carpets

  1. Wash It by Hand –

    We can wash silk carpets by applying detergent solutions with cold water and scrub it by hands. Don’t use any brush for scrubbing. The use of brush causes harm to the fibers and decreases its aesthetic. You can also use shampoo. Then rinse it with water and let it dry in air. 
  2. Use Vacuum Cleaner –

    The carpet can be cleaned by vacuum cleaner twice in a week. Make sure that carpet should vacuum from both the sides. Vacuum cleaners tug all the particles of dust in it. Use it slowly so that it can clean all the dust thoroughly.    
  3. Clean by Using Ammonia Solution –

    We can use ammonia solution to remove the stubborn stains. Always use ammonia and vinegar of equal quantity with double quantity of liquid detergent and water. Gloves must be worn while washing the carpet because ammonia is harmful to our skin.
  4. By Natural Ingredients –

    Silk carpets are made up of natural fibres. We can clean them with some natural and eco friendly solutions because if we have children and pets we are more worried about using other harmful solutions. We can use 1 cup of vinegar solution, 2 cup of water and i tablespoon salt to get rid of stain. We can also use lemon juice to remove the unpleasant smell from carpet.
  5. Baking Soda –

    Baking soda is a very effective solution and can be easily available.  Apply it on the affected place and leave it for some time and after a few time vacuum that part of the carpet.
  6. Apply Hydrogen Peroxide –

    Hydrogen peroxide is another solution to clear the stain from silk carpet. We can use it with lemon juice that leaves pleasing odour. It is a powerful cleaning solution. Use hydrogen peroxide with the double quantity of water and 3-4 drops of lemon juice. Mix all these ingredients and then apply them on the stain.
  7. Using Carpet Cleaner and Conditioner –

    These both solutions are also effective to clear the stain from our carpet. Mix both the ingredients in a bowl or bucket. Then use the hot water and apply that solution on the stained area of the carpet. This method keeps the threads soft and enhances the glare to the carpet.
  8. How to Dry The Carpet –

    After carpet cleaning in Brisbane, the next step is how to rinse it. All the manufacturers warn that the carpet shouldn’t be dried in machines because it may cause shrinkage and lose fibres. Air drying is the best way to rinse the carpet.  It must be hung in the open area and we can also use a fan before it.

Hire a Professional

These are the methods to clean the carpets and get rid from stains of carpet at your home. But still there are some stubborn stains and sometimes we find it difficult to clean the home. Then we can call any carpet cleaner professional. We Sparkling Cleaning Services have all the professional carpet cleaners and special tools to clean the carpets.

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