The stain of blood is not very common, but they might occur without notifying you. It can happen due to many reasons, blood is running through every living creature veins, well except for insects excluding mosquitoes and bedbugs and some which I am not aware of. Getting to the point again, blood stain can happen, when you have accidentally cut your finger or got injured.

The blood stain must be removed and mattress should be sanitized after the blood stain occurs. If you do not take any action the blood will seep deep inside the mattress and reach to the paddings, the paddings then absorb it, this may result in an infestation of bacteria. This will ruin the hygiene of your mattress which is not a good thing. A mattress infected with bacteria and germs can cause numerous diseases and other health-related problems.

Mattress Blood Stain Removal
Mattress Blood Stain Removal

Here You’ll Read How You Can Remove A Fresh Blood Stain And Old Blood Stain.

Things require for mattress blood stain removal Which is still fresh.

  • A spray bottle
  • Baking soda powder.
  • White vinegar
  • Bunch of Microfibre cloth.
  • Water.

Process Of Mattress Blood Stain Removal

When the stain is still fresh you can easily get rid of it, soak the microfibre cloth in cold water and then blot the stain with it, try to remove as much blood as you can. Keep blotting till the stain gets lighter. Now pour vinegar in 50 gram of baking soda powder, prepare a paste and then apply it on the area affected by the stain and let it dry there. When it’s dry use a brush to scrape off the baking soda if the stain is still there pour few drops of vinegar and then blot the area using a microfibre cloth.

Remove Blood Stains From Mattress
Remove Blood Stains From Mattress

Old And Stubborn Blood Stain Removal Procedure:

Step-1 Baking soda is very effective for blood stain removal, just shower some of it on the mattress and let it sit after that add some vinegar in one cup of warm water. Pour this solution in a spray bottle they apply it on the affected area. Let the solution sit deep into the mattress and soak in the solution when the area gets dry completely move towards the step 2 of mattress blood stain removal.

Step 2: Use a brush to scrape off the residue, thoroughly separate all the things from the mattress and take out your vacuum cleaner. Add an upholstery brush to the vacuum cleaner and thoroughly vacuum the surface, keep vacuuming until the stain gets completely off from the mattress.

Professional Mattress Cleaning Services
Professional Mattress Cleaning Services

Hire Fresh Mattress Cleaning, Melbourne

Some stains are so old and stubborn that they may permanently damage your mattress, to avoid this type of scenario you may require the assistance of professional mattress cleaning services. Sparkling Cleaning services is the leading mattress cleaning which offers a wide range of mattress cleaning services. From blood stain removal to regular mattress stain removal to routine mattress cleaning, our skilled team of experts will deliver 100 % results guaranteed within 24 hours. Visit our website today to know the free estimate on mattress cleaning.

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