How To Remove Gum From The Carpet?

Chewing gums are enjoyed by the people throughout the world. This sweet gum should be disposed of into the dustbin. If you happen to throw it off on the floor or the carpet it will stick to the fibres of the carpet. As time goes on this gum will harden and will become difficult to remove it easily. This hard gum will deteriorate the carpet and may cause permanent damage. Gum removal from the carpet can be carried out at home by different means. Here is the ultimate guide for carpet gum removal at home.

Carpet Gum Removal

Carpet Gum Removal

Methods of Carpet Gum Stain Removal

  • Ice

    The gum contains stretching chains of molecules and this stretching will further create problems in carpet gum removal. You can use ice to remove gum stain from the carpet. Pour in some ice cubes into a zip bag and put this bag on the gum stain on the carpet for an hour. A sudden drop in temperature will cause molecules to bind together thus making the gum stain brittle and stiff. Now you can use a knife to pluck the gum off and scrub the stain with a brush to remove gum pieces. After gum stain removal you can rub the stained patch with a wet cloth for further cleaning.

  • Oil

    Many kinds of natural oils have gum softening and dissolving properties. You can use any colourless oil for carpet oil removal. Pour some amount of oil on the oil stain on the carpet. Take a knife and gently use it to extract the oil. After Oil stain removal from the carpet use a cloth rinsed with water and detergent to remove any sign of oil and gum left in the carpet cleaning.

  • Hair Dryer Will Help Too

    If you have detected a chewing gum get stuck over your carpet surface and you are tensed about how its gonna removed then you need not fret. You can just simply use the Hairdryer and run it over the chewing gum and keep doing until the chewing gum starts getting melt away. You can use a knife after the extraction of chewing gum then scrape it kindly. Keep doing it until the gum gets extricate away.

  • Commercial Solvents

    There are many commercial solvents available in the market. Out of all the solvents, Methyl Salicylate works best for carpet gum removal. It is a chemical that dissolves and disintegrates molecular forces that bind the gum thereby making it easy for gum stain removal. Pour the solvent directly on the gum and leave it for few minutes. Now you can use a knife to remove the softened gum and dispose of it in the dustbin. For carpet stain removal, you should use detergent and water, rinse a cloth in it and gently rub the surface of the carpet and make your carpet stain free.

Professional Assistance:

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Remove Gum From Carpet

Remove Gum From Carpet