How to Remove Slime From The Carpet

Slime is made of a non-toxic sticky, squishy and slimy blue or other colour material produced essentially from guar glue. Kids love to play with slime. It is a cool thing to have but can get you into trouble when it gets on your carpets. It is quite intricate to remove slime from the objects including carpet as well. But you don’t have to trouble yourself because there are ways that will help you to get rid of this viscous material. Depending on whether you know the right technique or not. You just have to be aware of the precise methods to remove slime off from the carpet.

Carpet Slime Remover
Carpet Slime Remover

Tips to Remove Slime From The Carpet

  • Scrape It:

    To get rid of the excess slime you can scrape it using a knife or a spoon. Scrape it tenderly and scrape as much as slime you can to get rid of it quickly. 
  • Vacuum It:

    If you want to get to the stain then you have to vacuum your carpet several times to remove the dried slime then you will able to see the stain underneath it. Make sure the vacuum cleaner doesn’t get clogged because of fluid substance and vacuum it after it gets fully dried.
  • Decide What Solution You Have:

    You can either use alcohol, vinegar, citrus solvent or WD-40. Depending on what you currently have in hand. They all are useful to remove the slime. Pick whatever you prefer most by acquiring it from your nearby store and go on with the cleaning process. 
  • Wear Gloves and Test The Stain Before Begin:

    If you do not want to get affected by the chemicals slime contains then wear gloves before you begin with the process. And it is also necessary to test the stain before you begin with treating it. Test on an inconspicuous spot.
  • Apply The Cleaning Solution:

    Rubbing alcohol, vinegar or citrus solution doesn’t matter whatever you pick to make sure you saturate the entire stained area. 
  • Wait For The Solution To Get Absorbed:

    Wait for 15 to 20 minutes to let the solution penetrate the stain for effective results.
  • Wipe It With A Towel:

    After the solution gets soaked up completely use a towel to wipe it but make sure you do not scrub it strongly.
  • Rinse The Area With Hot Water:

    Pour hot water on a towel and blot the carpet to remove the cleaning solution other residues from it.
  • Make It Dry:

    Use a towel to make the carpet dry you can use fans as well.
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Expert Carpet Slime Remover
Expert Carpet Slime Remover

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