How to Take Care of Your Home Upholstered Items

Upholstery Cleaning is not an easy task for any homemaker. It needs a great deal of effort of diligence. Every homemaker takes care of their home furniture following a regular cleaning process of dusting, brushing, and vacuuming. But this is not enough for your upholstered items. A professional upholstery protection service is needed to maintain and enhance the original look and usability of the furniture.

Upholstery Cleaning Services
Upholstery Cleaning Services

Manual Tips for Sofa and Couch Deep Cleaning

We suggest you go for Professional Upholstery Cleaning Brisbane Services assistance for a better outcome. Manufacturers also recommend detail upholstery cleaning for the enhanced look and life of the furniture.

You can also consider some Do It Yourself (DIY) techniques to take care of your upholstered items manually.

Ingredients Required for a Manual Sofa Deep Cleaning:

To begin with the manual deep cleaning process you need the following items and ingredients

Ø  Few pieces of clean microfiber cloths
Ø  Distilled white vinegar
Ø  A vacuum cleaner machine for Sofa or couch fabric cleaning
Ø  One bucket
Ø  Liquid dish soap
Ø  Distilled water to clean the stai

Though Distilled water is not very required it is recommended if your normal tap water is not very clear to use upon the stain.

Sofa Deep Cleaning
Sofa Deep Cleaning

The Deep Cleaning Procedure:

  1. To start the manual sofa and couch deep cleaning process, at first, you need to vacuum the fabric to make it clean from debris, dirt, and dust.
  2. Now prepare a cleaning solution with a combination of 1 part of vinegar with 1 part of dishwashing liquid. Mix 2 cups of distilled water to the solution. Mix it well and keep it aside.
  3. Soak a piece of microfiber cloth in the ready homemade solution and blot it over the stain.
  4. Repeat the process for few more time if the stain is old and stubborn. Every time clean it with another fresh microfiber cloth with precision and then clean with distilled water.
  5. At last, gently dry the stain affected area with a fresh microfiber cloth. Give some time to dry completely in natural air.
  6. Now you can see the effect. The stain is almost gone.

Checkpoints to Be Considered While Cleaning Fabric Upholstery

We recommend three most important things that you should take care of it you are dealing with Sofa or couch fabric cleaning. Do not ever forget to review the manufacturer’s instructions before commencing the fabric cleaning process. Allows strictly follow the tag attached to identify whether the furniture will be dealt with water or solvent, last but not the least never deviate from the instructions recommended for the Upholstery Cleaning.

Professional Upholstery Cleaning
Professional Upholstery Cleaning

Professional Assistance

We Sparkling Cleaning Services are the best Upholstery cleaning service providers in your area. We follow the best-advanced technique of cleaning with proper doses of the chemical. You will get the value for money spent. Make a simple phone call and book us today. You will get the original look of the furniture again.