Kitchen and Bathroom Tile Cleaning Tips

Tiles are durable and functional and this is why they are widely used in bathrooms and kitchen tiles cleaning tips. Due to the kind of work and use of water in these areas, tiles are often prone to the buildup and deposits of scale and mildew.

Thus, to keep your kitchen and bathroom tiles in good condition, it is necessary to follow a regular cleaning regime. Here are some kitchen floor tile cleaning tips which would come handy:

Kitchen and Bathroom Tile Cleaning Brisbane
Kitchen and Bathroom Tile Cleaning Brisbane

The Best Natural Tiles Cleaners

There are a variety of home products which are affordable and can be great cleaning agents for your bathroom tiles and kitchen tiles cleaning tips. These products include baking soda, vinegar, and water. While baking soda can be good for scrubbing, vinegar is good for stain removal.

Tips for Cleaning Kitchen and Bathroom Tiles

  • Regular cleaning is a good option Rather than scouring and scrubbing after the severe build-up, it’s a better idea to do regular cleaning and keep the tiles dry, as much as possible. Use regular floor dusters, vacuuming and mopping to keep the tiles clean. However, avoid using a straw broom as it may scratch the tiles.
  • Mop the tiles with warm water once a week Apart from a regular cleaning regime, consider mopping the tiles with warm water once a week to keep the tiles sparkling clean.
  • Immediate removal of spills and stains It’s advisable to treat spills and stains immediately so that they do not become permanent. Spills and stains, if not cleaned immediately, may become almost permanent marks on the tiles.
  • Always use natural solutions for kitchen floor tile cleaning tips
Tile Cleaning Services
Tile Cleaning Services

It’s recommended to use natural solutions of kitchen tiles cleaning tips as these are easily available, affordable and most importantly, aren’t toxic. You can use a solution of vinegar and water mixed in equal parts to clean kitchen and bathroom tiles effectively.

Use Home-Made Scrubs

Make a home-made scrub to clean the shower tiles and floors using baking soda, salt, and washing soda. Keep this mixture ready in a spray bottle and use it at regular intervals to remove the buildup.

Grout Cleaning

Remember to clean the grout at regular intervals using the same baking soda solution. You must spray the mix and let it remain for few minutes followed with the spraying of vinegar to fight stains. Use a grout cleaning brush from a local store to scrub the grout easily after you have applied the home-made mix.

Hire Us!

Cleaning and mopping the tiles daily could be too much effort. Thus, you can also choose to hire the best tile and grout cleaning Brisbane provided by our professional tile cleaners. Further, we adopt 100% eco-friendly methods and use high-end equipment to make your tiles look flawless.

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