Steps for Cockroach Control at home

Cockroaches are considered one of the toughest organisms on the planet, They can survive for a week even after getting beheaded. Cockroach Infestation is a serious problem that people face in their home. Presence of cockroach itself creeps people out and most of us aren’t sure to how to even get rid of roaches. Cockroaches mostly inhabit in dark and moist places and they are known careers of different germs and pathogens. So Cockroach Infestation can lead to diseases or illness and can compromise your hygiene and health. You can always hire Professional Pest Control Services for the removal of Cockroach Infestation at home. There are many ways you can yourself control Cockroach Infestation at your home. We are providing you with few steps for Cockroach Control at home.

Cockroach Control
Cockroach Control

Follow the Given Steps For Cockroach Control at Home.

1.Inspecting Signs of Cockroach infestation

Damp, dark and moist places like the cupboards, kitchen drains, or plumbing pipes are common places where you can observe the presence of cockroaches. If you see any crack or opening, fix it asap in order to stop the movement of cockroaches. Clean the flooring’s of kitchen and bathroom by anti-pest floor cleaners and make sure you routinely clean your cockroach prone places.

2. Devoid them of Food

Cockroach Infestation survives on a continuous supply of food that they get from our homes. Avoid keeping food in the open and make sure you clean your dining room and kitchen after having meals. Sweep the floor to remove any food crumbs or bread crumbs on it. Cockroach Control can be carried avoid if you have open food sources lying around here and there. Keep your food in tightly sealed containers and put them in the refrigerator, not on kitchen slabs.

3.  Cockroach Killing Remedy

Cockroach Extermination can be carried out at home by using Borax or Boric acid. Boric acid works well for Cockroach Termination and is easily available and poses no harm to us as well.

  • Borax or Boric Acid
  • Sugar or flour
  • Bacon Dripping
  • Water

Start by mixing all of the above ingredients to make a dough. Use gloves now to make small balls out of this dough. Boric acid present in these balls is poisonous for cockroaches and sugar and bacon will attract them. Place these balls all around your house where you find Cockroach Infestation. Place them near the drains of kitchen and bathroom, put them near the clutter or paper trash you can also place them inside drains and kitchen basins and lavatory as well. This recipe is excellent for Cockroach Control and Cockroach Extermination and easy to prepare and provide good results.

Professional Pest Control Services
Professional Pest Control Services

Professional Assistance:

Sparkling Cleaning Services provide its customers with various Professional Pest Control Services including Cockroach Termination. Cockroach Extermination is carried out by well-experienced individuals by using eco-friendly and less harmful pesticides, Thereby taking care of your home environment and finally, sanitization is carried out to prevent any future case of Cockroach Infestation.