Turn your Old Carpets Cleaned to New Ones

Carpet which are not maintained and throwing of without cleaning is a huge mistake because cleaning the carpet can lead to a healthy, prosperous and safe for your kids because many infections may attract due to unhealthy carpets and they need to be properly maintained and your old carpets can be turned into new ones without throwing them away and it is an easy way to have clean carpet because buying a new carpet every time is more costly and we can’t afford wasting our money every time to buy a new one.

Carpet cleaning services
Carpet cleaning services

Types of Carpet Fabrics


Polyester Carpets are a kind of fabric obtained from Polyester yarns and fibres. It is a silky man made material which is used in our day to day life. The umbrella we use to save our self from rain is made up Polyester Carpet That’s why rain just wipes of the top part of the umbrella and they don’t enter through the umbrella. It can be used to create clothes, furniture and high quality carpets.

Why Choose Polyester:

Polyester Carpets are being preferred by people because of its soft and silky material. They are so silky that they just was of any water associated or applied to it. Polyester Carpets Are durable, which means they are very strong and they just won’t wear off soon, hence carpet cleaning is going to be a child play. Polyester Carpets are mainly used in commercial places. Polyester Carpets are easy to be maintained and looked after and they can be washed at home with normal methods without any external ingredients. Polyester Carpets doesn’t lose their shape after wash they just maintain their original shape after every wash and the last long that’s what special about this fibre. 

Advantages of Polyester Carpets:

  • Polyester Carpets are very strong which means the cost of maintenance is relatively low. 
  • Polyester Carpets are very flexible that they are like elastic and they do not lose their elasticity even after many uses.
  • Polyester Carpets dry off quickly as the fabric is not complex.
  • Polyester Carpets do not shrink unlike others, and for carpet cleaning professional is very much like a fun job.

Disadvantages of Polyester:

  • Polyester Carpets, once they are washed they stick with each other and it is a mess to release it.As a result, it is preferred that one goes for carpet dry cleaning in order to maintain the fabric quality.
  • Polyester Carpets are temperature sensitive as they cannot withstand any high temperature and their quality starts to wear down. Make sure when you call carpet cleaning professional such as Sparkling Cleaning Services, you let them know that they are able to choose which methods work best for the same. 

Foam Encapsulation Method:

Foam encapsulation is a technique where it uses foam to clean of the dirt and after drying the dirt comes out as powders and if the powder is not out of the carpet then they are sucked out with the help of vacuum pump. Foam encapsulation replaced carpet shampooing as soon as it entered because of its quick drying ability.

Advantages of Foam Encapsulation:

  • Foam encapsulation is known for carpet deep cleaning than any other method and tend to have results for a longer period and it is a huge advantage of using it.
  • Foam encapsulation method can make the appearance of the carpet look good, and is preferred by Carpet Cleaning Sydney professionals to count on quality.
  • Foam encapsulation method when used makes carpet cleaning an easier process.
Carpet cleaning
Carpet cleaning

Disadvantages of Foam Encapsulation:

  • Foam encapsulation can be quite expensive.
  • Foam encapsulation technique if not used right might lead into breaking the carpet and makes it of no use.

Why Us?

Foam Encapsulation tips for Carpet Cleaning can be tough for some of our clients, Hence we ensure that we at Sparkling Cleaning Services bring up some cost-friendly methods which work best for you. The whole concept leads to using foam encapsulation method is for carpet cleaning and having a safe home environment and taking care of the health of your beloved ones and fight for them against the dangerous diseases from the stained carpets which are being treated with a method which is easy on your carpet and cheap on your pocket.

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