What Kills Mold On The Mattress?

Mold on the mattress is very dangerous and can spread quickly throughout the entire mattress. Mold spores are in the air, once they find warm damp region they start growing. It is very difficult to notice the mold at the beginning stage, by the time you notice it is already an entrenched problem. You cannot see the surface of your mattress all the time as it is usually covered with the mattress cover. You will notice your mattress surface only while changing the sheets and laundering them. In this way, the mold problem lies undetected for many weeks and even months. However, you can easily remove the mold from your mattress but it needs some effort and time to invest.

Mattress Mold Removal
Mattress Mold Removal

Step by Step Process to Remove The Mold from Your Mattress

  • Vacuum- vacuuming is one of the basics and most important startup for all type of Mattress Cleaning. Vacuum both sides of your mattress and clean your vacuum cleaner immediately to avoid spreading of mold spores to the other area of your house.
  • Mix equal part of rubbing alcohol and warm water in the container. Take a clean cloth and dip the cloth into the solution and wring out properly. Make the cloth damp wet and scrub on the mold surface of the mattress. Scrub in a circular motion to achieve best results.
  • Once you finish rubbing, rinse the area with a clean cloth, be cautious, do not make the cloth too wet as it will add extra moisture to the mattress and encourages more mold on the mattress.
  • It will be good if you Spray The Disinfectant on The Mattress.
  • Finally, place your mattress outside under the direct sun. This will help the mattress to dry completely. Most important thing is that the sunlight will not allow the further growth of mold.
Professional Mattress Mold Removal
Professional Mattress Mold Removal

How to Prevent The Mold from Re-Entering into your Mattress

  • Always use a dehumidifier in your bedroom because mold easily thrives in the damp surface. If you use the dehumidifier in your bedroom it will maintain the lower humidity level and control the mold growth.
  • Use an air purifier to remove the mold spores from the air. The air purifier will circulate and filter the air. An air purifier will not kill the existing mold from the surface but it will control the airborne mold spores in the bedroom. Through this, you will prevent the further growth of mold in your mattress.
  • Even if you go out from the home, turn on the air conditioners, air purifiers and fans in your home and allow the air to circulate. If not at least open the windows to allow the outdoor air to enter in and make the home fresh smelling always and to avoid the growth of mold in the mattress.

Keep your windows open during the daytime; if possible move your cot and mattress near the window side to allow the sunlight to fall on the mattress. Through this, you will Eliminate Mold and Odor from your Mattress. Call Us Today and also Book your Booking.