What’s Lurking in Your Carpets and Why Vacuuming is Not Enough?

Cleaning the carpet at a regular interval of time is very important and if you don’t do that people get affected with various diseases. Well, most people prefer vacuuming the carpet but the stains don’t need to get removed. Vacuuming the carpet can only remove dust and bacteria from the carpet but it will not remove hard stains from the carpets which creates various diseases and people get affected to it. When you buy any furniture for the home it is necessary to clean it regularly otherwise dust cover it and the furniture has no use in the future. So, if you want anything to work maintenance is mandatory.

The reason for cleaning the carpet is to keep the environment clean and healthy for other people. It is really hard to remove stains from the carpet and there are so many methods available in the market. All techniques are different and their results are also different. Vacuuming is not enough because it only collects the dirt particles but it won’t remove the stain. To remove hard stains from the carpet it is much better to use other tips like baking powder solution, wine solution, chemical liquid products to clean the stain. If you don’t clean the carpet and just use the vacuum cleaner the bacteria and mold will stick to the carpet that affects the health.


Reasons Why Vacuuming the Carpet is Not Enough

  • Vacuum Won’t Remove Bacteria –

    Dirty carpets mean infection, skin irritation, breathing problems and so on. Vacuuming will not remove bacteria from the carpet. Bacteria occur when you use the steam cleaning carpet and don’t dry it properly. Due to this mold occur which affects the health of others.
  • Vacuum Won’t Remove Stains: –

    Well, many types of stains occur on the carpet. If you perform the solution immediately than the stain gets removed from the carpet. Take a cloth and dip it in cold water and then put it on a stain, the cloth will absorb the stain, and if not then you can also use the baking powder. Stains are stick to the carpet fibers which means they are not going to remove by the vacuum cleaner only. It is necessary to clean the stains using the other methods or hire a professional carpet cleaning company.
  • Vacuum Don’t Remove Odors: –

    Yes, this is another problem cannot be removed by the vacuum cleaner. Odors occur when the carpet is clean but it won’t dry properly and people started using the carpet. When the carpet is wet and people start using it after a few sometimes due to the dust and molds various odors created which is bad for the health and also lead to the infection.
  • Vacuum Can’t Give You Feel Like New: –

    The carpet cleaning process is necessary because it gives a new and fresh look to the carpet which means it also gives a new look to the house. It is very necessary to know that when carpet color feds the house interior also gets feds. When any guest or relatives came to the house and find the carpet dirty then it reduces the impression in front of the guest. How it feels when you guest sees the stain on the carpet and find out that carpet is not clean properly, it affects the health of everyone. The vacuum will only remove the dirt particles but it will not be able to give new look to the carpet. It is much better to clean the carpet by yourself or hire professionals. Some companies also allowed the same day Carpet Cleaning Melbourne that will be good if you have the party.
  • Vacuum Don’t Kill Bacteria: –

    It is another point that vacuum cleaner only removes the dirt particles but it won’t kill the bacteria because it is stuck to the carpet. Bacteria occur when the carpet is not clean properly and it still has the dirt particles. You can clean the carpet by using other techniques like detergent powder, dishwasher soap, baking powder, vinegar, alcohol, and others. 
carpet cleaning services
carpet cleaning services

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